The Basics of Volleyball

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The basic rules of volleyball can be briefly described in the following words. Two teams of six players each play on the same field, separated by a net stretched in the middle. The victory is won by the side that misses fewer balls that fell on their volleyball bettingside of the field. The goal is to throw the ball into the opponents’ half in such a way that they can’t hit it, and it hits the floor.

  • In volleyball tournaments, a match is passed in three or five games, and you need to score twenty-five points to triumph in a single game. If the result of the match remains disputed even after four contests, then the fifth match is recreated to 15 points. Each point is calculated to a team in the following situations:
  • If the ball hits the floor on the adversary’s side.
  • If the rival made a failed attempt (into the net or out).
  • If an opponent’s player handles the net.
  • If an opponent’s sportsman footed into someone else’s half of the court, or behind the front line when serving the ball.
  • If the ball is handled double by an opposing player, or they allow a fourth contact of the ball.

The game consists of the following basic elements: serve, receive, pass, offensive shot, block. In addition, there are several types of volleyball – beach or ordinary.

Popular Volleyball Betting Markets

Bets are placed on anything, so betting on volleyball PariMatch includes the following offers:

  • The result of the match (victory of one of the teams or a draw);
  • Double result (excluding draw);
  • Total points received (can be both individual and calculated for the whole game);
  • Handicap. Here is the result of the match with a points handicap for one of the teams is taken into account.
  • Express bets, which take into account countless sporting events.

They bet in volleyball on a game, a team, or even an individual player. In general, volleyball betting Bangladesh PariMatch is a wide platform for opportunities. And it is constantly expanding, providing more and more new features, offers, and volleyball betting games.

Volleyball betting tips

There is some special terminology in betting slang — volleyball betting terms PariMatch,

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which you should definitely familiarize yourself with. For example, the word “handicap” is the number of points added to the result of a team or an individual player for a certain playing time (goals, pucks, points, games, etc.). There are handicaps with positive and negative values. There is also such a variety of rates as express. The essence of these bets is the simultaneous combination of several sporting events at once.

Knowing these features will help you make the right bet that will bring you a monetary reward. In addition, we bring to your attention volleyball betting tips PariMatch that will maximize the chances of winning.

Predicting the number of points of the winner/loser is quite difficult. However, this makes the betting process even more interesting and intriguing. If you want your bet to win, it is advisable to follow these recommendations:

  1. Learn the rules of the game well. The fact that you know the basic principles is good, but dive even deeper, learn all the nuances and how controversial issues are resolved. May you have no surprises both during the game and at the time of announcing the results after it ends.
  2. Study the statistics and analyze the results of the last matches of the favorite team.

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    Who did she compete with? What was the result of the last confrontation? In what composition did the team play? The answers to these questions are important elements for the next successful forecasting.

  3. Use all available bonuses offered by the portal. For example, bonus funds on the account will be a great investment in your favorite team. And if your bet wins, they turn into real funds that are available for withdrawal from the game account.

Follow our advice, but don’t forget that in gambling, where betting takes the leading place, luck is also an significant condition for winning. Arm yourself with knowledge and add a dash of luck. This will be the perfect formula for victory.


It is worth noting that volleyball betting predictions PariMatch have been very popular recently. Thanks to the PariMatch bookmaker, you can not only watch your favorite games, but also gain your winnings. The portal offers a  vast spectrum of betting choices. All coefficients are detailed. Even beginners will be able to make a forecast. Register, make deposits and use them to bet.

Pay attention, that the moment of luck is always present, but for betting on sports, an analytical approach and comparison of all facts is also important. The main tips for your bet to bring you the desired money — study the statistics of previous matches, listen to experts in the field of badminton, use all possible bonuses that allow you to maximize your chances of winning.

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