Horse Race betting tips: The Best Horse Race Betting Sites 2023

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Horse racing betting is one of the most traditional disciplines in sports betting. However, it is not that easy to find the right horse race betting sites. In the following article you will find out which bookies deserve the title of “ Best Horse Race Betting Sports Betting Sites ”.

The best horse race betting sites in comparison

  1. Racebets – Great horse betting odds
  2. 22bet – Gigantic horse betting selection
  3. 888sport – Strong odds on horse racing
  4. Betway – Strong horse betting bookmaker
  5. 1xbet – gallop and trot races available

If you want to be successful with typing in the long run, a bookmaker who specializes in horse race betting is definitely recommended. The best bookies offer their customers races from all over the world, so there are always numerous opportunities to bet.

Nevertheless, there are of course differences between the individual horse race betting sites . Especially for users without previous weather experience, the question arises as to which bookmaker is most suitable for placing bets. To make the decision a little easier for you, we present the best horse betting bookmakers below.

888sport: The all-round bookie with a good range of horse race betting site

The selection of sports betting at 888sport is quite considerable. So it’s not surprising that the horse betting department is in no way inferior to the other sports. At 888sport you are offered various races in several countries. You can bet on races in Great Britain, Ireland, South Africa, France or Japan and Bangladesh.

The overview page is very well designed and you can click through it very easily.

If you want, you can submit a quick pick or submit a detailed long-term bet. In addition, you will also be offered some special bets for the races , for example that a certain horse with over a length will win the race. The separate area is extremely clear.

22bet: Horse betting specialist with a huge selection

22bet offers horse racing on gallop, trot and obstacle races. Horse races all over the world are taken into account. The portfolio includes races in South Africa, Canada, France, Ireland, Great Britain, New Zealand, Chile, Australia and Germany.

You can sort the betting offer according to gallop, trot and obstacle races with a click in the menu on the left, as is the case with the horse race betting sites . You also have the option of displaying current bets or long-term bets in a targeted manner. A live stream is offered for almost every race , so it is the rule that the customer can follow the typed runs immediately. This is a central aspect for many horse betting fans, as horse races are rarely shown on television.

22bet usually offers totalizator bets.

New customers from Bangladesh can get a 100 percent bonus of up to 50 euros on their first deposit . The 22bet bonus is characterized by fair bonus conditions and offers the customer a real advantage. That is why it is worthwhile to gain your own experience at 22bet for this new customer bonus alone.

In addition, there are various other promotions for regular customers, some of which apply to very specific races or on special days. At 22bet bd it is clear at every point that the offer is made by real horse racing enthusiasts for horse betting fans . The quality is very high overall and we have been able to see in recent years that 22bet bd has continuously improved. Today the Bookie is clearly one of the best online horse race betting in India.

Parimatch Bangladesh: Comprehensive selection with many long-term bets

Parimatch Bangladesh has developed into a well-known horse race betting sites in recent years The portfolio includes gallop and trot races in Germany, France, Great Britain, South Africa, Italy, Ireland, Australia, Sweden, the USA and various other countries.

In terms of diversity, Parimatch Bangladesh is probably the provider with the largest selection over the entire year. Grand National bets or bets on Cheltenham are out of the question. For that reason alone, it is worth taking a closer look at this horse betting bookmaker.

Live streams are offered for many races, but sometimes only audio streams. In the recent past, however, the proportion of video streams has grown significantly. Even so, there are still quite a number of horse races that are offered without a livestream.

Every new customer receives a bonus of up to 100 euros. What is extraordinary is that it is not only the first transaction that counts . Your deposits will be doubled until the total bonus amount is 100 euros. This is very customer-friendly, especially since the bookmaker has also paid attention to fair bonus conditions.

At Parimatch login in totalizator bets are offered, as is usual with most horse betting specialists. Otherwise, the usual betting variants can be found on the platform in the area of ​​sliding bets, for example Canadian, Trixie and Super Heinz.

At Parimatch Bangladesh we especially like the very customer-friendly user interface , which makes it easy for beginners to place horse betting.

Comparison of horse race betting sites: These are the criteria when choosing a bookmaker with horse betting

When evaluating a horse race betting sites, there are various important criteria that you should consider. When we analyze a bookie, the first thing we do is check whether it is a safe and solid bookmaker. For us, this is the basic requirement in order to even take the horse betting provider into account in our comparison.

On this basis, the next step is to examine the quality of the content . The following variables are particularly important:

  • Choice of horse racing betting : Which races are offered is a key factor when choosing a bookmaker. The range of bets should be convincing both in terms of breadth and depth so that customers always have a varied portfolio of betting options available. In this context, the number of horse races live stream also plays an important role.
  • Horse racing betting tips : The betting odds determine what profit you can expect if you are successful. It is therefore worthwhile to compare the payout percentages of different providers. Admittedly, fixed odds are more suitable for this. It should also be taken into account whether the bookmaker deducts the betting tax from the stake or profit.
  • Customer service: The best horse betting providers provide their customers with German-language support – even if usually only via e-mail. It is also important to consider whether an FAQ can be found on the bookie’s website and how extensive it is.
  • Payment methods: The question here is not only whether common means of payment are available. It is just as important how long it takes the bookmaker to make withdrawals, whether there is a fee and what the minimum amounts and limits are. However , if you want to use PayPal for horse racing betting , you will usually be disappointed and have to switch to another option.
  • New customer bonus : Welcome offers are a powerful argument for many users to create a betting account with a horse betting provider. Of course, every tipper dreams of a no deposit bonus . As a rule, however, you have to pull out your credit card and invest money in order to receive a bonus balance.

Horse race betting app test: which horse race betting app is the best for me?

The selection of a horse betting app is very easy with our help . All horse betting providers presented here are unreservedly recommended. However, there is no such thing as a perfect bookmaker.

We therefore recommend using several betting providers. This has the great advantage that an optimal coverage of the horse betting offered and the live streams is achieved. This also gives you the opportunity to benefit from lucrative horse racing betting bonuses for new customers.

However, it is advisable to use the various offers one after the other and not in parallel so that there is no stress with the bonus periods.

Since the account management is free of charge with all betting providers, you cannot suffer any financial disadvantage from having several bookmakers. The use of different horse betting providers only has advantages.

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The selection criteria: What we expect from mobile horse race betting app

The demand for horse race betting app has increased significantly in recent years. It wasn’t long ago that sports betting fans were happy if there was any way to place tips on horse races using a smartphone or tablet. But technology is advanced and the competition in the sports betting market is fierce. The same applies to mobile horse betting: Only the best horse race betting sites have a long-term chance in the market.

Technology: App without installation has clear advantages

When the first horse race betting apps came onto the market, they were all native apps. That means: the parimatch mobile app download. There was a special variant for each operating system, for example iOS (iPhone, iPad). Sometimes a distinction even had to be made between smartphone and tablet. There was another horse betting app for users of mobile phones with Android. Windows Phone users mostly went away empty-handed, as very few bookmakers did not provide an app for this operating system.

The disadvantage of a native app is not just the installation, although it can be difficult to install an app under certain circumstances. If the operating system is not the correct version or if some other problem occurs, the app installation can become a spasm. Even more important: With this technology, the effort for the bookmaker is very high , because the app software has to be maintained and content has to be updated regularly, just like on the normal website.

In the meantime it has become established that horse betting apps work without installation. Responsive pages that automatically adjust to the screen size or special mobile websites that are optimized for smartphones and tablets are used. In our experience, both solutions work well. For the bookmaker, the mobile websites are much easier to maintain. Ultimately, this also has an effect on the quality of the entire offer. It is very easy these days to switch from desktop horse betting to mobile horse betting with a modern bookmaker.

Design: simple, clear and functional

The demands on the design are higher for a small smartphone or a medium-sized tablet than for a large computer screen. In horse racing, a lot of information has to be stored in a relatively small space. However, this is not a problem that only occurs with horse betting. Every mobile content provider has to consider how the content is best structured and presented.

The best horse betting apps basically take over the design of the desktop website. In addition, there is a mobile menu navigation that makes it easy for the customer to find and place the desired bets with the touch controls of the smartphone or tablet. As a rule, it is also possible to make deposits and withdrawals as well as the entire account management directly via the horse betting app .

What must be considered when using a horse race betting app?

If you want to place bets on the go with a horse betting app, you should above all ensure a stable internet connection. But that’s rarely a problem these days, unless you’re on a train driving through a tunnel. Most sports betting apps are designed in such a way that you only need a halfway up-to-date mobile phone or tablet to use the mobile service. You don’t need to have the latest smartphone to place horse bets on the go.

Conclusion: Modern horse race betting apps are fun + our top recommendation

Horse race betting apps were a real torture in the early days of mobile sports betting. Specialized betting providers in particular did not enjoy betting on horse races with a smartphone or tablet. Since mobile websites became the standard, the situation has improved significantly. There are now hardly any betting providers who require customers to install a sports betting app. There are also first-class mobile apps for horse betting and the horse betting bonus can also be redeemed on the go.

Betting bonus

A betting bonus is free credit with which you can also make real money winnings. Most bookmakers have a special offer for new customers . In addition, many bookies also offer regular bonus promotions for loyal regular customers.

Beginners in particular benefit from these bonuses. With the bonus you can gain further experience without having to use your own money . The disadvantage, however, is that bonus credit is always linked to wagering requirements.

In the case of special providers of horse betting, these are usually designed to be very customer-friendly. With other bookmakers, the wagering requirements can be demanding and influence your betting behavior, as minimum odds and minimum wagering apply. This is why such offers are only of interest to beginners. For professionals, the bonus balance is rather a hindrance .

In addition, it can happen that with a bookmaker, the horse betting does not contribute to the fulfillment of the wagering requirements.

How do horse betting actually work?

Horse betting is different from normal sports betting . Horse racing has its peculiarities and is not like any other sport due to the interaction between animals and humans. Especially beginners have a hard time placing their bets. It takes a while to understand how horse betting works.

There are tons of horse betting tips and tricks, but if you want to assess the runs correctly, you need a certain soft spot for animals and jockey. Basic knowledge of horse racing, horse betting and the rules are also necessary in order to be able to win money with horse betting.

What are horse betting tips?

With horse betting you can bet on different betting markets for a horse race . A distinction is made between those bets that are placed directly at the racetrack and those with online bookmakers.

There are no fixed odds on the racetrack. The odds are there only after all stakes have been placed (totalizator betting). Ultimately, you bet against the other bettors and not against the bookmaker, as is usual with online sports betting.

With online horse betting, the odds are set in advance and, as usual with sports betting on the Internet, you bet against the bookie’s assessments.

The different types of horse racing betting

There are basically two different types of horse racing: horse racing and trotting .

  • 1
    In gallop races , the participating horses cover a given route as quickly as possible. They are ridden by a jockey and all possible gaits are allowed. Whoever crosses the finish line first (without illegally hindering another horse) wins.
  • 2
    In trot races , only the trot gait is permitted. The horses are either ridden or they pull their driver to the finish in a cart (sulky). As in a horse race, the winner is the horse that crosses the finish line first and does not break the rules during the race.

There is also the distinction between flat races and obstacle races . The difference emerges from the name: In the so-called flat races, the horses cover a flat route without obstacles, while in an obstacle race the horses have to cross obstacles that have been set up.

Difference between horse betting and other sports betting

The most noticeable difference between horse racing and other sports betting is the horse race betting tips . These are noticeably higher in horse racing bets than in other sports bets. Even for the victory of favored horses and jockeys, the odds are over 2.5 . Secret favorites are sometimes even equipped with odds of up to 8.0. – For comparison: In football bets, the odds for favorite wins are often no higher than 1.1 or 1.2.

Unlike many other sports bets, with horse betting you can quickly win a multiple of your stake . At the same time, however, the risk of losing your bet is correspondingly high. Finally, the same applies to horse betting: the higher the odds, the less likely it is that a weather result will occur.

Another difference between horse betting and sports betting is the types of bets . The selection of horse bets is quite manageable, while up to several hundred betting options are available for top football games.

What types of bets are there in horse betting?

The most common types of bets in horse bets are classic win bets and place bets as well as the each-way bet, in which you bet once on win and once on place (also called win-place bet). But there are also a few modified types of bets and combinations as well as the head-to-head bet, in which you bet on the comparison of any two horses and determine which of the two will finish first. The placement itself does not matter.

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At a glance: the types of bets in horse betting

  • Outright bet : The winner of a race is predicted.
  • Place bet: The horse you have chosen has to cross the finish line first or second. With a higher number of participants, it is also possible to run in third or even fourth place.
  • Ita: Here you guess the horse that came second.
  • Trita: Here you guess the third-placed horse.
  • Exacta: You commit to first and second place and only win if both tips are correct.
  • Quinella: With this type of bet, you also bet on the first two winning horses, but the order of the finish is irrelevant for this bet to win.
  • Swinger: You bet on two horses, both of which have to finish in the first three places.
  • Trifecta: With this type of bet you have to predict the first three placed horses in the correct order.
  • Four-way bet: Here you have to predict the first four placed horses in the correct order.
  • Trio: Here you pick the first three winners, regardless of their exact order.
  • Head-to-Head: You tap on the comparison of any two horses and determine which of the two will get to the finish line first. The placement itself does not matter.

As horse bets for beginners, we particularly recommend the win and place bets. But beginners can also be successful with Quinella and head-to-head. Two-way and three-way bets, such as Exacta and Trifecta, are a bit more demanding, while four-way bets are only suitable for experienced horse bettors.

The rules for horse betting

If you look at the types of bets for horse racing, the horse betting rules seem pretty simple. Unfortunately, there is more to it than just choosing a bet type and “betting on the right horse”. There are several rules to be observed for success with horse racing.

In addition to the type of bet and its entertainment factor , the rules for horse racers, the odds and know-how about the starters play an important role. Information is everything. This also means that you understand the most important horse betting terms correctly so as not to make mistakes.

The most important rules for horse betting at a glance

To explain horse racing simply: In a horse race, several horses compete on a certain route. The winners and the following places will be determined based on the order in which they crossed the finish line .

Whoever crosses the finish line first wins. If two or more horses run across the finish line at the same time, the result is considered a “dead race”.

But how should you go about betting now? Which horse should you bet on, what should you pay attention to and which betting variant should you choose?

  • Shape of the horse and the rider

    It is important that you deal with the horses and their jockeys before the race. Get useful information about the race and current horse betting analyzes. Pay particular attention to the shape of horse and rider and their recent competition history.

  • Competition, value and category of the race

    As part of this, you should note that not every horse race is synonymous. The competitions are held in different categories , the value of which you can recognize by the award. When supposed favorites start in a lower class, they usually only do so for training purposes. In that case, they do not always give everything because they are not out to win, which can have a major impact on the outcome of a bet.

  • Appropriate type of bet

    Be careful when choosing your bet variant . As a beginner, you should only choose simple win or place bets, and preferably with low stakes. If you tap on a favorite, you can be a little braver, but we recommend being careful when betting on outsiders or insider tips. Only when you are tried and tested and familiar with horse racing should you no longer just bet on victory.

  • Bonus offers and promotions

    And what about a sports betting bonus ? Yes, there is also that in horse racing and it can be quite attractive. The wagering requirements are quite fair with most providers, so the bonus is a good option for beginners. With the free credit you can gain additional experience and try out other types of bets.

Horse Race Betting Tips

The following applies to horse race betting: tips Your winnings result from the bet times the tips . That means, the higher the odds, the more you can win. However, the risk also increases with increasing odds, since the odds are calculated based on the probability of a result occurring, and a high odds means a low probability of winning.

Overall, the odds for online horse race betting tips are above average . Compared to other sports, you can often win many times your stake here. Unless a race ends as a “dead race”, i.e. several horses finish the race at the same time. Then your stake on one of these horses will be halved before this multiplied by the odds results in your winnings. The odds are particularly good with special providers who explicitly organize horse betting.

Also important: odds for one and the same result are not fixed. They change over time and therefore always depend on the time you place your bet. Days before a race, the horse betting EV odds and all other betting odds can therefore be different than shortly before or even during the race (keyword live betting).

If you want to be successful with horse racing, there are many important details to consider. That is why we have put together the 10 most important horse race betting tips for you , with which even beginners can quickly place their first successful horse bets. Although luck always plays a role, with the right horse betting strategy it is possible to win more money than to lose in the long run.

Tip 1: Don’t always bet on victory!

For many horse betting fans, the outright bet is something like the king bet. It is undoubtedly a great feeling when you purposefully select the horse from the field that will win the race in the end. It feels even better when this horse was not the favorite and brings a correspondingly high profit.

Nevertheless, we recommend that you make the outright bet the exception rather than the rule.

In the long run, it is difficult to be successful in horse racing just by betting outright. Beginners in particular, who may not always be sure which horse is really good or not that good, should trust place bets. Although the odds for the place bets are lower, there is also a significantly higher chance of winning overall.

For every horse betting fan it is very important in practice that horse betting regularly ends positively. With outright bets, however, longer dry spells are inevitable, especially if you don’t always bet on the favorite.

Note from the editors:

So-called head-to-head bets are also available for beginners. In these betting markets , only two horses are compared with each other, which significantly increases the chance of correct horse race predictions.

Tip 2: Distribute small stakes among many horse bets!

With small stakes no huge profits are possible, but neither do huge losses. With horse betting there is always an uncertainty, which is expressed not least in the odds. That is why we fundamentally consider it a good strategy to prefer small stakes and then tend to place more horse bets instead.

If you place high amounts on individual bets, you can lose a lot of money relatively quickly.

On the other hand, luck and bad luck balance each other out very reliably if the money is distributed over many different horse bets. This does not result in a guarantee of profit, but with horse betting it is very important to operate solid money management. You should never find yourself in a situation where just a few losing bets are enough to cause you financial trouble.

Especially with online bookmakers like Parimatch or 22bet bd , very small stakes are also possible on horse races.

Tip 3: research statistics before horse races!

There are extensive statistics that you should use to place successful horse bets. You can find out more about the horses involved before a race. This is a very important factor because horses are athletes and should be treated that way by sports betting fans.

Anyone who bets on a soccer game also looks, for example, at whether a team is currently in good shape and has won a lot of games recently. With a little statistical research, for example, it is often possible to find a horse in a race that is not necessarily one of the top favorites , but thanks to an ascending form, it may still be worth a tip.

Tip 4: Prefer favorites for combination bets!

With combination bets you have the advantage that even a few combined horse bets result in high odds. The disadvantage, however, is that you have to win all of these horse bets.

So that you have a realistic chance of winning combination bets, you should give preference to favorite tips. Several low quotas result in a relatively high overall quota, because the individual quotas are multiplied with one another.

If, on the other hand, you link favorites and outsiders in a combination bet without a plan, your chances of making a profit are not particularly good in the end. Even though the rate is perhaps no higher than with a clever combination of several favorites.

Experts can create many different variants of multi-bets, but in our experience, beginners should better concentrate on favorite tips.

Tip 5: Include an outsider in system bets!

System bets are structured in such a way that you can lose a bet and still make a profit in the end. That is why it makes sense to incorporate an outsider into this special betting variant.

The classic in the system betting strategy is the combination of several favorites with an outsider. The basic idea is that there is a good chance that the favorites will win their races. This gives you a high chance of making a profit at all.

If the outsider then wins, you will achieve a relatively high overall rate, even though you almost only have favorites in your system bet. This strategy is a very good example of optimal risk management in system bets.

Other variants are also possible, depending on how precisely the system is structured. In any case, it is worthwhile to examine the subject of system bets for horse betting very carefully .

Tip 6: Always consider the weather!

Horse races take place outdoors, so weather is always a factor to consider when planning horse racing. A heavy shower just before the race can significantly change the chances of individual horses. 

The favorite on a dry track is not necessarily the favorite on a wet track. We have had the experience for many years that it is worthwhile to always take a look at the weather report in parallel to the various statistics.

It is particularly helpful to take the current weather report into account when placing bets at short notice. But even with horse betting that won’t take place for a few days, a weather forecast can be useful.

Tip 7: Don’t just bet on world class horses!

Most horse betting fans are especially enthusiastic about the world-class horses that are on the racetracks all over the world. However, these world-class horses are not necessarily always associated with the best betting odds. Especially with the unpredictable Grand National , it is unlikely that the favorite will actually win.

If there are rather unknown horses at the start in a race, an expert has a clear advantage.

Through intensive research, you can achieve a clear lead over horse racing fans who are only guided by their intuition. In fact, this is still the vast majority of bookmaker customers .

In world class horses, the qualities are well known, at least to ardent fans of horse racing. That’s why you can rarely gain a special advantage in such races.

Tip 8: Fixed quotas offer more security!

With fixed odds, when you place the bet, you know exactly what odds you will get in the event of a payout. This is a great advantage in many situations, because whether a horse bet is worthwhile or not depends largely on the quality of the odds.

Therefore, at least beginners should prefer fixed odds.

With a little luck, totalizator odds can result in significantly better odds than with fixed odds. However, you need a lot of specialist knowledge and experience in order to be able to correctly assess in which race and which totalizator odds a great chance is available.

In any case, we recommend the fixed odds for entry, which you may already know from many other sports bets in sports such as football, tennis, ice hockey, handball or basketball.

Tip 9: Get in late with totalizator odds!

Totalizer odds are calculated on the basis of the bets placed. However, all online bookmakers still provide provisional odds so that customers can orientate themselves.

The informative value of the provisional odds depends largely on the point in time at which you look at the odds. In the case of totalizator odds, the odds distribution at an early point in time can be completely different than shortly before the start of the race.

Even if the definitive odds are only determined at the end of the competition, you can assume with some probability that an approximate odds given shortly before the end of the bet is at least relatively close to the final odds. That is why you should place your horse bets with totalizator odds very late if possible. This way you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Tip 10: There are no safe horse bets!

Horse betting is always associated with a certain degree of uncertainty, as nobody can predict the outcome of a horse race, not even with the best horse betting tips. The best horse can lose a race against clear underdogs on a bad day. That is why it is very important to plan horse betting in such a way that a loss is also factored in .

If you assume that your tip will definitely be successful, you have already made the first big mistake.

It is particularly important in horse racing that you only use money that you can lose if necessary. We also recommend careful bankroll management with many small stakes in many different horse bets.

You should never get into a situation where a couple of lost horse bets will rob you of sleep. If you use your money wisely and don’t take unnecessary risks, this will always be the case.

Bonus tip: take your bonus with you!

The welcome bonus is usually quite common with sports betting sites . In the meantime, there are more and more horse betting providers where you can get into betting with a bonus and put your horse betting tips into practice!

The wagering requirements differ slightly from other welcome offers, but you can use them as a benefit. Read the wagering requirements carefully and decide for yourself whether you can successfully implement the horse betting bonus .

Criteria for the selection of horses

Now the crucial question remains: which horse to bet on? If you have evaluated analyzes and charts on horse and rider, it should be possible to make an initial horse betting prediction. The tendency in the course of the shape is important . If a horse has been a favorite for a long time, but is now showing a negative form curve, then it is currently not one of the profit contenders. If, on the other hand, there is an upward trend, an outsider can quickly become a winner.

Keep an eye on the development of the odds . Constant odds represent a constant form, while increasing odds reflect a downward trend and falling odds show a positive development.

However, it is always important to compare them to other horses . In addition to the shape, weight also plays a role. In many horse racing bets, handicaps are distributed due to the weight differences so that a more balanced field of participants is created. You have to take this factor into account, otherwise your tip will quickly go wrong.

The same applies to the conditions of the railway . Both the ground and the weather conditions have an impact on how the horses get along on the track.

Differences between online horse betting and classic harness racing tracks

As mentioned briefly at the beginning, horse bets can be submitted online as well as directly at the racetrack. Both variants have their charm , but are very different.

Online you can enjoy a wider range of betting options and can even bet for and against an event. But bets at the racetrack offer a special flair. The atmosphere on site is gigantic and has a lot of charm. There is no way that online betting can reproduce this ambience.

The most important difference, however, is in the odds . The odds are definitely fixed online at the time the bet is placed. You can vary in the course of time before and during the race, but as soon as you submit a tip, it is done with a certain rate. This reflects the bookmaker’s assessment, so that, in principle, you always bet against the provider.

At the racetrack, the odds are only determined after all bets have been placed. They depend on the assessments of the betting community, so you ultimately bet against the other bettors and not against the bookmaker himself.

Accordingly, the winnings are also limited to the sum of all stakes. In other words, a betting pool is created from all the bets placed, which is divided among the winners after the race. This type of bet is called a totalizer bet and is reserved for horse racing.

Well-known lucky guys – big wins with horse racing betting

Perhaps you are now wondering: Can you get rich by betting on horse racing? Our answer: yes but. While it is possible to win big and possibly get rich with horse betting, this is usually an absolute exception . Few players have managed to build astounding fortunes playing horse racing. The most prominent examples include the following names:

Are horse betting also suitable for beginners?

Every horse betting fan was a beginner at some point. However, there are a few things newbies should keep in mind:

The presented horse betting providers have extensive information on their websites so that even absolute beginners can easily find their way around.

Horse betting represent classic sports betting, which can, however, differ in one important detail – the determination of odds. In horse betting, so-called totalizator bets are traditionally common. In contrast to the fixed odds, which are specified by the bookmaker, the totalizator odds are calculated on the basis of the stakes placed. Simply use our odds comparison .

This has the great advantage that there are many very attractive betting opportunities. The disadvantage of totalizator odds is that the customer does not know exactly how high the odds will be at the time the bet is placed.
In the case of totalizator bets, a contingent quota is always given before the end of the bet, which is based on the stakes currently placed. It makes sense to only place horse betting shortly before the end of the competition, but so do many other horse betting fans. Because of this, odds can often change significantly again within a few minutes before the end of the bet.

Horse betting professionals use such odds movements to their advantage. However, we recommend that beginners first work with fixed odds in order to get to know the different betting variants in horse betting. We also recommend starting with small stakes in order to keep the risk as low as possible. With the horse betting providers presented by us, it is also possible to have a lot of fun with a relatively small budget.

FAQ – Horse betting providers in comparison

〽️ Do the Bookies offer a horse betting app for mobile users?

A native application is usually not available from horse betting providers. The bookmakers usually have a mobile website for this. The best horse betting sites naturally also have a very user-friendly website.

❓ Can I have a horse betting bonus paid out directly to me?

No! There are bonus conditions that provide a sales target that you have to master within a given period. In our sports betting bonus comparison you will find all information about the wagering requirements of the various betting providers.

⭕️ Are horse betting legal on the internet?

Yes, but most conventional bookmakers do not offer horse betting in Germany due to the unclear legal situation regarding gambling on the World Wide Web.

❕ Do horse betting providers require a gambling license?

No, a license is not necessary as long as the horse betting sites has government approval.

✅ Is horse racing worthwhile?

It happens again and again that highly quoted outsiders win a race. Accordingly, you regularly have attractive chances of high winnings for bets on outsiders but also for the favorites.