Best Kabaddi Betting Apps

If you think that bets can be made only on the most widespread classic sports – tennis, boxing, basketball, then you should know that this stereotype has long remained in the past. Now you can bet on Kabaddi PariMatch without any problems. This mega popular game is conquering the Asian market and becoming mega popular. And if customers have an interest in a certain sport, the bookmaker does everything possible to satisfy the demand.

Kabaddi History

Before plunging into betting, it is necessary to study well what you will be dealing with. In addition to the rules of Kabaddi, let’s dive a little into the history of this game and outline the main points and interesting facts.
India is considered to be the birthplace of Kabaddi, and the first game at the international level took place in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, in 1985. Five years later, Kabaddi was included in the program of the Asian Games. Her birthday is March 24.
The game is a kind of symbiosis of fighting and fives. Two groups of twelve participants compete in one match (7 players on the field and 5 in reserve). They occupy opposite sides of the 13 m x 10 m playing field, which is divided by a line down the middle.

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The game starts with one team sending a player to the other side of the field to capture the opponent. His task is to touch one of the opponent’s players with his hand or foot and have time to return to his half with any part of his body. The goal of the defense is to prevent the opponent from going home after touching one of the team members.
In addition, the offensive player must continuously shout the word “Kabaddi” in the opponent’s half of the field. If he goes astray or catches his breath, the defense team can grab him before touching.
If the attacking player has completed his task, then the player he touched is out of the game (substitution). If the defense wins, the “invader” transfers the right to attack to a teammate.
Points are awarded for knocking out or grabbing an opponent one point each. The tournament continues at the moment when one of the groups loses all players.
The World Kabaddi Games have been held five times, and in all cases the victory went to the Indian team (2004, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2016). Iranians, Pakistanis, Canadians, Japanese, Koreans, and representatives of Bangladesh were also among the top three winners.
Europeans also took part in the world championships. The best result was 2 fourth places in Italy (2010, 2011). Europe was also represented in this game by Spain, Poland, Great Britain, Norway, and Germany.
If you are a fan of this game, Kabaddi online betting PariMatch will be a great opportunity for you to test your knowledge and intuition, and also give you a chance to earn good money if your prediction comes true.

Things to look out for in a Kabaddi Betting app


Clients of the bookmaker can place bets in two ways, employing:

  • Kabaddi betting site PariMatch;

If using the first option for bets, the traditional one, everything has been clear for a long time, then the use of the special PariMatch application is still a fairly new phenomenon.
Mobile devices have quickly and irreversibly come to be a necessary component of our lives. Everything is now in the smartphone — personal information, work, and even leisure time. It is extremely convenient, because the gadget is always at hand. Now, even while doing routine tasks, standing in traffic or waiting in line for groceries, you can use this time productively.
For the convenience of this process, we recommend downloading and installing the Kabaddi Betting app from PariMatch. This is a universal program that will help you place bets on all sports available in the bookmaker’s office. When using the program, pay attention to the following things:

  • A convenient interface that allows you to perform all actions in just one click;
  • Variety of rates;
  • Availability of several techniques of performing monetary dealings.

Comfort in work and information security of customers are priority qualities of a bookmaker office. Use only the official sources and resources of the company, and you will get not only a lot of positive impressions and emotions, but also guaranteed and timely payments of honestly earned money on bets on your favorite Kabaddi.

How to Bet Online on Kabaddi

Predicting the number of points of the winner/loser is quite difficult. However, this makes the betting process even more interesting and intriguing.
The goal of every bettor is to make a winning prediction. Although no one can predict a guaranteed result, there are many Kabaddi betting tips PariMatch that will help maximize the probability of a positive result.
If you want your bet to win, it is advisable to follow these recommendations:

    1. Learn the rules of the game well. The fact that you know the basic principles is good, but dive even deeper, learn all the nuances and how controversial issues are resolved. May you have no surprises both during the game and at the time of announcing the results after it ends.

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  1. Study the statistics and analyze the results of the last matches of the favorite team. Who did she compete with? What was the result of the last confrontation? In what composition did the team play? The answers to these questions are important elements for the next successful forecasting.

Follow our advice, but don’t forget that in gambling, where betting takes the leading place, luck is also a significant condition for winning. Arm yourself with knowledge and add a dash of luck. This will be the perfect formula for victory.