Live Sports Betting: Tips and Tricks

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Live betting (also known as in-game betting) is becoming a popular option among sports bettors.  Many bettors enjoy the quicker pace and ability to wager on unique aspects of the game as they develop.

With the right info, live betting isn’t any more difficult than laying a more traditional wager before the game begins.

Allow us to walk you through the what, how, and where of live sports gambling (including some tips and tricks to help build your bankroll).

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What Is Live Betting?

If you understand how to bet on the money, the spread, and the total, you’ll have no problem understanding how live betting works.

When betting on live odds on the PariMatch, you’ll still be wagering on money lines, spreads, and over/under. Even though you can bet on different aspects of the game once it’s underway, there are many more similarities between live betting and regular than there are differences.

Live Betting Advantages

In addition to the obvious benefit of adding another level of entertainment to watching the game, live bets can provide value for discerning bettors who know what to look for. Take advantage of the following realities to make the most of your live, in-game betting experience on the PariMatch.

Extra Information

This is rather obvious, but you can gain an informational advantage after watching part of a game. Once you have a sense of which players are “on” that night or which team has momentum, you should be better equipped to predict the outcome of the game, current drive, or simply the next play.

Instantaneous Results

Instant gratification also makes in-game wagers an enticing option. Obviously, you’ll know the result a lot sooner if you’re betting on the outcome of the next drive versus placing money on a Sunday NFL game mid-week.

If you’re comfortable with a fair amount of risk and are equipped to make quick handicapping decisions, you can go from identifying a valuable prop to profiting substantially in just several seconds.

In-games bets on the PariMatch are typically graded and paid out incredibly quickly. The fastest sites will deposit your winnings into your account within minutes. After all, they want you back in on the action ASAP!

Live Betting Disadvantages

PariMatch live betting offers a level of excitement and engagement that’s hard to replicate with traditional wagers, but there’s a trade-off for everything. Make sure you consider both the upsides and downsides before deciding to place a live wager.

Disappearing Lines and Changing Odds

While the fast-paced nature of live betting adds an appealing element of excitement to the game, it’s difficult to anticipate what lines will be available at a certain time.

Top 10 Sports Betting PariMatch:

  • Football;
  • Exports;
  • Tennis;
  • Table Tennis;
  • Basketball;
  • Volleyball;
  • Ice Hockey;
  • UFC;
  • Handball;
  • Boxing.

How to Place bets on PariMatch

Select your bet type

One of the easiest to understand bet types is “1X2 Match Betting” (also known as Full-Time Result or Money Line). A 1X2 Match Betting bet means you pick which team you think will either win or tie. In our example above, we have three choices by either picking 1 – Home) Arsenal London to win, 2 – Away) Manchester City to win or X – Draw) Arsenal London to tie Manchester City. In this example, we will pick Manchester City to win, therefore we will click on the odds 2.25.

Note the date and time of the match to the left of the odds. By default, the date and time are displayed as Eastern European Time (EET), which would be GMT+3 during March/April to October/November and GMT+2 during October/November to March/April. The time zone display setting cannot be changed.


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Enter your bet amount

After clicking the odds that you would like to place a bet on, your bet selection will show under “Bet Slip” located on the right-hand side of the screen. To review your bet and enter in your stake, click the yellow “MAKE BET >” button to continue.

On the following screen, you will be able to enter in your stake (the amount of money that you would like to bet). Note that “Outcome” refers to the type of bet. In this case, we selected Manchester City to win so in the 1X2 Match Betting format, Manchester City is “2”, which is why it says “Win 2” for the “Outcome”.

After reviewing your bet(s) on the PariMatch, if you don’t have any changes to make, click on the yellow “Make bet” button to finalize your bet(s).

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